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Hive Minds. A Hive Mind. 2023, Audio, 8 mins.

(IMAGE credits) Modelling Support, Giacomo Ganduglia.


Created, written and composed by Natalie Kynigopoulou.

Voiced by Shakira Stellar.


Hive Minds. A Hive Mind. is an audio work to be experienced ideally in insulated silence. The work combines experimental text with music and plays with the non-linear ways of a speaking voice; a buzzing and stinging bee.


Voiced by Shakira Stellar, Hive Minds. A Hive Mind. moves across four loose parts - when the Bees Come through, when a Bee Infests our Bodies with Pollen, Cross-Pollination, and When A Bee Sleeps/Awakens.

Hive Minds. A Hive Mind. is part of a larger body of works, including Pollen Mist, Hive Minds and Seed,

presently on view at Frieze Art Fair 2023.



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