a pause box__.png.png
a pause box, digital drawing (tape cover), 2022.
available here is a live interpretation of a pause box @ Cafe OTO, May 2022.
a pause box 

/ on tape

// Released by Calling Cards Publishing

/// Release Date: 10th May 2022.

//// Available here.

a pause box is an experiment in sound and story, divided into six acts.

Act 1 / An Arrival
Act 2 / A Derelict Theatre 
Act 3 / Now Sprout
Act 4 / We are A/Synchronous
Act 5 / Chorus
Act 6 / Site of Resonance

This project has been supported using public funding by
Arts Council England.

pause box ._.png.png
my mistress's eyes are nothing like the sun, 2020
Installation view @ Garage Arts Space, Cyprus.
Morfars Ställe, installation view, 2017.
i caress you, you caress me, without unity, 16mm film, 2017.
i caress you, you caress me, without unity (installation view)